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When it comes to recruiting, we employers must use the tools of the future to attract the talent of the future. Risk-free, efficient and with quality, we deliver junior candidates based on competence - and nothing else.

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We make recruitments human again

with the help of AI

Human interaction is, and will remain, the single most important parameter in recruitment decisions. We don't want to remove human contact, but instead, make it more efficient. Therefore, we present candidates and the data you need and let you make the final recruitment decision. In addition, you get an inclusive, open-minded and global match!

The process in a recruitment with Hyred

Requirements profile

You identify the requirement profile for the job here on the website. We are recruiting for junior positions, up to 3 years of work experience and study background. After you have stated the requirements in the profile, we will contact you and fill in any additional information that we need to start a recruitment.

Selection process

Then begins our award-winning selection process, which consists of a personality analysis, comprehensive background check, driving force identification and other verification activities that give you valuable insights about the candidates. Our selection process is completely unique and our methodology developed with researchers in each field makes us a world leader in our segment.

Your decision

Our mission is to deliver candidates who meet your requirements, which allows you to jump straight into the last step of the recruitment process, the physical interview. Here it is you who make the final recruitment decision.


Incorrect recruitments are time-consuming and costly, usually. With us, you only pay when you have hired our candidates. Risk-free, quality assured and above all, much more cost-effective than traditional solutions. Get a free quote directly on the website here.

Results of recruiting through Hyred


hires at least one of the first three candidates presented


time saving


of employers believe that they are now interviewing a more inclusive target group than before

How much does a recruitment cost?

A question that many recruitment agencies dread talking about, but not us. Fill out the form below and get an answer right away! You can also contact us.

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Let's start with the requested position

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Add-ons in the selection process


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Price information

Observera att våra priser beror på tillgång och efterfrågan och ändras algoritmiskt varje dag. Nedanstående summa är en uppskattning på faktisk kostnad. För att få en slutgiltig prisuppgift, contact us.

Fee for presentation of candidates

Fixed fee, invoiced when offer is approved and first candidates are presented

5000 SEK

Fee upon employment (price per employee)

Based on the requirement profile specified in the form. Billed when the candidate has been employed.


Join us in shaping the recruitment of the future!

Explore our services and get to know us through frequently asked questions and answers. 

  • Do you know the requirements profile for the position you are looking for? Complete the cost form here then we'll be in touch.
  • Do you want to know more about our services? Book a 20 minute meeting with us here.
  • Do you want to get in touch with us? Contact us here, email or call us on +46 033-24 33 33.

Complete the cost form here and get answers immediately. Please note that the price on the website is updated algorithmically every day and varies depending on supply and demand. Get in touch with us here or book an appointment with us here to receive a final price statement. 

The application process consists of a uniquely developed personality analysis where we focus on bringing out the driving forces, personality traits and competence of the candidates. The candidates are not looking for a specific job, but end up in a candidate base until we find a job that matches skills and motivation. Check out the application process that candidates go through directly on the website here.

Once you have identified the requirement profile, we take over and carry out our verification activities consisting of personality tests, competence verification, background checks with criminal records and references, etc. Finally, we deliver candidates to you as an employer and let you interview them according to your own preferences. After that, the final decision is made on who or who will be hired. 

It is always you as the employer who has the last word regarding who or whom you decide to employ. We present suitable candidates who match your requirement profile and then it is entirely up to you who or whom you want to hire. 

We only deliver candidates who meet your formal requirements for the position. With a payment model where you first pay upon employment, recruitment is completely risk-free. If you decide not to hire one of our presented candidates, you do not pay the recruitment fee.

After we have completed the recruitment, we bear no responsibility for the candidate or the employment but are concerned that everything proceeds as planned.

You can reach us in several different ways. Either by chatting with us here on the website (see the icon at the bottom right, call us on +46 033-24 33 33, send an email to or write to us at Facebook or LinkedIn.

We will contact you!

Do you want to discuss current or future needs for junior recruitments? Leave your contact details below and we'll be in touch! You can also contact us here.

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This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website